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Muscle Car Talk: The Mighty GTO

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By Mark Weisseg

Well, this must be GTO headquarters as the picture shows not one but two. Maybe there are more that this person has and if so, the more the merrier.

The Pontiac GTO will go down in car heaven as one of the best starting out in the early 1960’s and dying a horrible, tragic death around 2005.
GM tried to bring back the GTO in 2004 and 2005 to rev up sales but the car failed. It failed because it did not even come close to the magic others had brought to the table. Look at the Camaro, Mustang and Challenger for starters. Every attempt was made to recreate the the golden age of muscle cars with today’s technology. But the latest GTO looked like nothing.

Most people had no idea what it was until you got close enough to read the badge. That’s a bad omen. When you see a new Challenger, you know it’s a Challenger and it was based off the ’70 model. I must wonder who the designers were and how did their brains let this happen. Maybe they knew Pontiac was doomed and gave this one last try or their hands were tied but, why bother to go through all of this for nothing of any value? A 1970 GTO is king. The 2005 GTO is a dud. The reselling value on the 2005 car is awful while the ’69 or ’70 is bonkers.

These projects you see in what appears to be the backyard are not hopeless cars. Far from it. The owner knows exactly what he or she has and hopefully they will get there proper dues very soon. The GTO is still a head turner to this day some 46 years later.
That little stick out cone really was special back in the day. As a matter of fact so was the entire car. Too bad it had to be a Pontiac. Nobody back in 1970 ever imagined the Pontiac name would go away forever. Not with sales skyrocketing back then. It’s a cruel car world at times so treasure your classics in such a way to make others proud.

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