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Muscle Car Talk: To Restore Or Not To Restore A Muscle Car

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By Mark Weisseg

This one hurts to look at but it appears there are many cars in this forest. You must wonder how a Dodge Charger was left to rot and die like this one. Is the owner a hoarder and will not let anyone buy his or her stuff? Or, is the car so far gone that the picture just does not show how bad it is? We may never know but you would think anyone who has an inkling for a Charger would find this car enticing.

The hills are alive as the song said with cars just like this. It takes imagination, money, time, energy and the will to make it happen. If we were out searching the country side and stumbled onto a Rambler American I could understand the ho hum affect of it sitting and wasting away.
We cannot save everything so we must be smart and a bit choosy. A Dodge Charger is not being choosy. Let me explain the obvious. A guy posted a ’70 Charger in our local Craigslist this week. He needs to sell it he claims to help pay for his daughters College education. It was very clean looking, was red and had a black interior. Here’s where I got off the rails a bit. He said the numbers did not match ( honesty is good) he switched engines, rear ends and the transmission already. So, what did he want for it? $37,500. Non matching numbers now…..

Seemed a bit pricey to me as I looked around the Internet for other Chargers and the price came in high. Numbers matching cars were anywhere from 35k to 55k as an average. So, this guy is selling his dream car and I know that stings. It stings so much he has over priced it. Not in hopes of not selling it as the bills will come in soon enough. But, he is praying for a guy or gal to come along and be struck by the hot rod red car and turn key capabilities.

So, that is why I hope someone saves this Charger from rotting away in the trees. There is potential in that car and it could turn a profit for someone dedicated. It will take time and money, but it could be the next priced vehicle for the likes of the guy above.

They are great cars and so much fun to drive and the resale value is still strong. Keeping that in mind, makes restoring a car like this even more tempting.

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