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Las Vegas Free Shelby History

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By Mark Weisseg

For the past few years I have ventured out to Las Vegas for various reasons and this is one of them.

There is a free Shelby Museum near the strip and it even has the very first Shelby on hand for you to drool at. They have free guided tours if you want a great history lesson.

Free parking, walk in the door and mingle around looking at cars you cannot buy, but also they have some you can purchase. Walk around in a huge, clean facility, go to the gift shop and then leave. I would suggest you do all those things but hang around a bit longer and join in on a free walking history lesson.
The group will at some point go out in the service area where you will be able to see all the cars and trucks being put through the Shelby process. It is a large service area and very clean. Everyone there is polite and professional as well. Again, not a dime has left your pocket at this point. There is even a wall in the shop that you can write a message on just like the one in front of Graceland.

We were awe struck with the cars, the history lesson, and prints on the wall. But finally it was over and we went into the huge gift shop. Any order over two hundred and fifty bucks and they will ship it to your home. Well, that is all I had to hear so off I went for die cast models, shirts, jackets, and so forth. I could not help myself nor did I want to.

They are smart here in that they know most people visiting flew in so they came up with the shipping deal. They also figured out that wherever you go it seems it will cost you a lot of money in Vegas. So, parking is el free bo. And, with no entrance fee the whole process is a winner. We have gone there several times now and I cannot wait to go back again. Not that much changes but it is refreshing to go out into the service bay and picture your vehicle being built into a modern day hot rod.

I know this looks like a paid advertisement but it is not. I know many of you have been to the Corvette museum and other such places. We are car people and this is what we do.

So, next time you are in what was known as sin city take time to go and see history right in front of your nose.

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