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Which Tire Is Best For Your Car?

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By Mark Weisseg

Well, as simple as it sounds we all need tires. But what is best for your classic car?

When I bought my Roadrunner the guy had Radials on the car. I knew they were incorrect but the car rides great and the tires are like brand new. If I switched back to a bias ply tire I knew my ride would become worse but it would be correct. So, I looked into buying red line bias ply tires. $231.00 each! Yes, then mounting, balancing, valve stems and of course tax and I am at one thousand dollars for the set. Yikes. Then I saw tires that looked like bias ply tires but are really radials. Bingo , that is the answer. But, again the price was a killer.

Going back to my bio I told everyone I worked for a large tire company for fifteen years. I sold thousand of tires in those years and let me tell you how things changed. At one time we would stack our used scrap tires up indoors and when we got a big load of them the scrap tire hauler guy came around and gave us two bucks for each skin. What he did with them was a mystery but we did not care in those days. Then, we were educated on the problems of all these scrap tires and the entire process changed. Now, we had to pay haulers up to five dollars a tire to take the tires. They had to document where they took them and what they did with them. The government made it our problem from cradle to grave. Very unfair but those were the new rules and we had to abide by them.

I bring this up because most of us do not think about what happens to our trash after it leaves our hands. It either goes to a landfill or a recycler and that is someone else’s problem. Well, I am here to say it is not. Scrap fees. Shop fees, misc fees, all make us a bit hot under the collar when we go in for auto service but I can tell you first hand that batteries and tires are a huge issue. Thankfully a lot of tires are being shredded and used to patch our roads and that helps. A tire fire is a big problem as we all understand. Throwing them over a hillside to get rid of the problem is worse yet. It’s against the law and quite frankly a terrible solution.

In closing, please do the right thing and obey the law. Dispose of all your used oil, old batteries, tires, and other such parts in the correct manner. And what did I do about my tire issue? I run the radials because I like the ride and quite frankly spending another thousand bucks on hoops as we liked to call them is a waste at this point.

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