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2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, Rare 6 Speed Manual

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By David Ashton

The Dodge Hellcat sure made an impact when it was first released, mainly due to that engine throwing out 707 HP, but it also made a lot of supercars raise their eyebrows to the muscle car world, being able to reach supercar levels of power for the price of a reasonable sports car.

This one is currently at a bid of $47,600 with only 3 miles on the clock and comes in a rare six speed manual.


Being virtually brand-new, it has all the usual Hellcat features such low mileage and you have the peace of mind that it hasn’t been ragged, to then be passed on to its next owner.
Me wonders if any type of warranty comes with this vehicle which you would have to to enquire from the seller, but as this is from a dealer, you should be able to get some extra bonuses with this vehicle if you flutta your eyelids.

There are more expensive Hellcats for sale on eBay, but the rare 6 speed manual and low mileage making this a decent buy of the money and a possible future rarity.


RARE 6 Speed Manual Transmission!
650lb of Tourque
Perellis PZero Nero Tires
Laguna Leather Interior Black
Bi-Xenon Headlights
20×9.5 Matte Black Lightweight Forged aluminum wheels
Brembo Brakes
Bilstein Adaptive Suspension
U connect 8.4 Navigation with Bluetooth
Back Up Camera
Dodge Performance Package





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