What Is Happening To The Classic Muscle Car?

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By Mark Weisseg

Yes my friends there was a time when things in life were different. There was not the constant hum of cell phones and all the silly ring tones, when every commercial on TV was not for a foreign car. I was in a retail establishment recently and could not for the life of me figure out what was behind the counter. Now, for this big old boy that is alarming.

At one time most of us could not only tell a Buick from a Chevrolet but we were good enough to do it blindfolded.
Yes, the engines sounded different then and if you tried hard enough you could hear the difference. Today, they all sound like Grandma’s old singer sewing machine. The interiors look the same and unless you spend a lot more money, most of the interiors also look the same.

At one time if you bought air conditioning as an option it was a big deal. Just like power windows or seats. Today, it’s all standard equipment, but now the cars are all vanilla. That is why we love our classic cars.

It was not like that at one time. Nearly all regular cars had roll up windows, vents in the windows, floor mounted vents and an AM radio. Anymore than that was a big option kit that only the somewhat wealthy paid for. Now with start / stop technology and even the hybrid engines it’s tough to even hear if the darn engine is even running.

Can you imagine ten years from now installing Flowmasters on your Toyota Corolla or your Honda Civic? For that matter even the new Malibu or Ford Fusion? We have hit the end of the road my friends for the classic car.

When I was young Dad and I would go to car shows and we would see dozens of Model A cars, Model T cars and trucks along with some Packards, huge Caddys and Lincolns for sale. Today, as I scan one of the biggest car shows on the east coast I spotted one Model A, no T’s and one or two classic Caddy’s but they are from the 60’s and 70’s.

Forget Packard, big 47 Lincolns and that breed. The shows are packed to the walls with Nova, Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, Chevelle, Road Runner, and of course a sprinkling of others. I ask again. What happens in ten to twenty years?
I go to the shows now and for the most part it is guys who are middle aged or older, limping from arthritis and appear to be holding on for dear life. Are we witnessing the end of an era? Do you see young boys as strong willed as we once were? Who is the mentor? Is my current collection going to be a museum piece only someday soon? I have so many questions and I ask so many people what they think. Is there new blood coming in? You might say yes if you watch Mecum or Barrett Jackson or is it the same blood just flipping cars after a couple of years?

I saw a guy on TV recently that said owning a particular Mopar was his lifelong dream. He finally got the car and in three years had it at auction. Why would he sell your dream? Money of course. The time was right and he thought he could sell it and make a profit. He did eventually sell it but for a very small profit. So, he sold his dream.

What ever happened to the guy that bought his car thirty years ago and still has it? He’s out there but dying off quickly. In our society today nearly everything is throw away. Cell phones are ancient in two to three years. TV’s are old in five. Furniture maybe ten years. Clothes two years tops. Hairstyles by the hour it seems.

I was driving my Road Runner last summer and came to a light. A grown man came out of nowhere it seemed to praise the car and hear the horn. I think he was more in love with this car than I was. I finally yelled out to him that with some effort he could own one too! They are still for sale you know. But, that might be too much effort for some.

Folks, I am scratching my head more and more every day. I still have a wish list while others seem to want to quit or down size or change. I guess I am that oddball that still remembers a softer, easier time in life and wish it were still with us. Understand Wally? Yes Beaver.

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