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1975 AMC Gremlin X Levi Jeans Edition

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VIN: A5C465A724105
Engine: 258 cu
Transmission: 3-speed Automatic
Exterior Color: Pastel Blue
Rally Package
Mileage: 94,518
Current bid: $3,500.00


258 cu. engine, 100 hp, torque: 251 Nm / 185 lb-ft, a top speed of 157 km/h (98 mph) and 0-60mph in 14 days, this is hardly a muscle car, but it does bear the AMC brand and I’m a total sucker for a quirky vehicle.

Modified AMC Gremlins were used on the dragstrip, but out-of-the-box many were the six cylinder versions ranging from a 199 cu. to a 258 cu. This listing doesn’t say what the engine is per say, but from this other listing I found for the same 75 model automatic it has a 258ci. engine. Looking at the image of the original docs., It does say it is a 258 cu.

The car standout features are said to be ‘Factory Power Steering, Rally Package, RARE Factory tach, Torque-Command Floor Shift, Levi’s Bucket Interior Option and Under Dash Air Unit. The interior is warn and will probably need a bit of upholstery to bring it back to life, especially on those front seats.

From the other images I’ve seen of a Levi edition Gremlin, there should be a ‘Levi’ badge on the front panels which is missing here. If anybody could shed some light on if this badge should be here are not on this vehicle, that would be great.

This car is clearly a rarity, but being a Gremlin it will never gain high prices and could almost be seen in the novelty category. If you want a rare and cheap vintage vehicle, this may just be for you.

If you are some further reading on this unusual car, here’s a link to the original Levi Gremlin press release.






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