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1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

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Engine: 289ci
Transmission: Manual
Interior Color: Deep blue metallic
Mileage: 23,000
Price: $49,999.00


It’s no wonder that this 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback is gaining so much interest on eBay. It may be a straightforward ’67 fastback model with a typical 289ci. V8 engine, but what makes it stand apart is its complete nuts and bolts restoration, which apparently took over a year and as you can see the results are simply stunning.

The Mustang looks as you think it would have when it first sat in the showroom back in 1967, all beautiful and gleaming waiting for its first owner. The interior and engine bay reflect the rest of the car being in fantastic condition, so really it’s down to the description itself in the ad., For what else you get with this vehicle. It has the 289 cu in./4.7 L Windsor V8 engine with the air filer saying its the high-performance version.

There is no mention of if the powertrain is numbers matching. Presumably they are, but detailing this along with any documentation would have been a good heads up for this listing. the car is said to have power steering and power brakes and comes as near as dammit to a factory correct vehicle.

The question now is really the asking price of just a touch under $50,000. A base model evaluation from Hagerty says $34,100 in concours condition. Nadaguides says $47,500 roughly for a 2 door ’67 fastback. So, there could be some room for haggling. Here, depending on how much documentation back history is provided with the vehicle. In any case, this is obviously a fine looking Mustang, it’s just if you can get it for a good price.





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