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1971 Plymouth GTX Hemi Fetches $253K At Auction

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1971 Plymouth Hemi image

By Dave Ashton

When it comes to muscle car values, it’s easy to dismiss the less popular years or models. However, with a few of the right ingredients in slightly off year models means they can still fetch a hefty sum. In this case it’s a 1971 Plymouth GTX which has the special ingredients of the ‘Elephant’ 426 Hemi V8 engine, one being sold recently at Mecum Auction, Dallas for $253,000.

Usually, muscle cars after 1970 start to drop-off in value, but as the years go by, these models become ever more worthy. The GTX started out as the 1967 Belvedere GTX, with a slightly higher spec. trim, but it was the second generation from 1968 to 1970, which had the classic B-body looks. A bit more luxurious than the equivalent Roadrunner.

However, in 1971 the GTX received a re-design, caused by a dip in sales and the government’s clear air mandates. Luckily, the healthy size of the 440ci.(7.2 L) V8 and the 426ci.(7.0 L) 426 Hemi V8 were still available, but sold in very limited numbers. In this case it’s 1 of 19 Hemi GTX models mated to an automatic transmission.

1971 Plymouth Hemi image

This particular example comes in bright Citron Yella paint, with a black interior, TorqueFlite automatic ttransmission, Rallye wheels and N96 Air Grabber hood.

1971 Plymouth Hemi image

If a 1971 Plymouth GTX tickles your fancy, then you don’t have to to spend $253K to land yourself a prime example. A quick scoot about online and there are a few GTX’s currently for sale. Checking out there’s a 1971 Plymouth GTX in Plum Crazy Purple, with a “V” Code Six Pack V8 engine going for $75,000 in reasonable condition. Another example from Hemmings is again in Plum Crazy with a rebuilt rebuilt 440ci. V8 And currently going for $41,998 in very good condition. This one has an accompanying video, which you can check out below.

In total, the 1971 Plymouth GTX is a fine muscle car with all the best attributes of the era. It may not be the most classic looking, but it sure will be a worthy investment if you can pick one up in good condition at the right price.


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