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1970 Plymouth Superbird Petty Blue Survivor

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By Dave Ashton

Engine: 440 Six Pack
Mileage: 48,010
Current bid: $105,300.00


If there’s one vehicle that epitomises the huge loud and proud era of muscle cars, it’s the Plymouth Superbird and Dodge Daytona Aero cars. Designed originally for racing, they were for sale to the public, but didn’t sell well at the time and were only available in limited numbers. This means today’s survivors fetch huge prices, but you are also getting one of the most iconic vehicles around in any automotive field.

This Superbird comes in a rare ‘Petty Blue’ which were only available on the 440 engined versions. It is listed as being ‘1 of 308 V-Code 4-speed Superbirds produced in 1970’, ‘Vehicle no. 715 of the 1970 Superbird Nascar program’ and ‘1 of 7 Petty Blue 440 Six Pack Superbirds.’ The car is said to be unrestored, with most of its original paint, interior and original numbers matching drivetrain. The car was also featured on the front cover of Mopar Collectors Guide Magazine in May 2006.

For a mostly unrestored vehicle this Superbird is in great condition inside and out with only the engine bay looking a little scruffy. The all-white interior looks in great condition and gives a bit of an idea of how well this car has been looked after over the years – try keeping any white interior spotless for any amount of time! The pistol grip shifter also adds to the look.

The car also comes with the original broadcast sheets and has had a visual inspection by Dave Wise. In total, this listing isn’t to be passed on if you have the funds as the Superbird is one of the most classic muscle cars around. it’ll be interesting to see what this car eventually sells for (currently a bit of $105,300)

Full ad. listing below –
1 of 308 V-Code 4-speed Superbirds produced in 1970
Vehicle no. 715 of the 1970 Superbird Nascar program
Two original broadcast sheets
Copy of original bill of sale and registration
Unrestored with mostly original paint and interior
Rare code 999 Petty Blue
1 of 7 Petty Blue 440 Six Pack Superbirds
No Hemis were painted Petty Blue
Original matching numbers drivetrain
Dave Wise visual inspection report
Pistol Grip shifter
White vinyl interior
Original factory chalk markings throughout
Featured on the front cover of Mopar Collectors Guide Magazine May 2006





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