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1969 Dodge Daytona Hemi

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By Dave Ashton

Engine: 426ci. Hemi
Transmission: D32 3-Speed Automatic
Exterior Color: V2 Hemi Orange
Mileage: 31,000
Price: $649,000.00


A lot has been read and said about the ubiquitous 1969 Dodge Daytona. Originally built to race at NASCAR, a limited number had to be built for public sale to compete, but never went down too well sales-wise with the public at the time. The design was basically too far out. With only one production year, the vehicles are now some of the rarest muscle cars around, especially with a Hemi engine.

The car clearly stands out with its 23 inch tall rear wing and sheet metal nose cone, flush rear backlights and window cap. All built around the 1969 Charger. The cars are special to start with, but, as only 70 were produced with the Hemi engine out of 503 with 440 engines, they are very rare indeed. 440 versions of the Daytona seem to be knocking on the door of $300,000+, which means Hemi versions are almost name your own price category.

There is precious little information with the listing but at least it gives an image of the body tag and some of the documentation and seems to tick all the right boxes for an ultra-rare Daytona. Still, a bit more information would have been nice. It comes in V2 code Hemi Orange, E74 code 426ci. Hemi V8 engine, D32 code 3-Speed automatic transmission and apparently owner history back to day one. The car has also had a Dave Wise inspection to clarify its authenticity. Interestingly, the ads. says, ‘if u can find a comparable hemi daytona for less, i will beat the price.’ which could definitely save you a few bucks……

Clearly, the car is in concours condition as reflected in the asking price, but it equally shows how valuable these vintage muscle cars are now worth. Like any classic muscle car of this pedigree, it may seem expensive now, but just give it a few years………..





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