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1967 Chip Foose Dodge Charger Featured On Overhaulin’

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By Dave Ashton

VIN: XP29G72152584
Engine: 426 Hemi.
Transmission: Bowler 727 Automatic, with 2 speed gear Vendors overdrive.
Mileage: 455
Price:US $149,950.00


When it comes to customised vintage muscle cars, the idea can definitely polarise people. Those who say that any vintage vehicle should always be kept in original condition and those who want the vintage design and don’t mind modern upgrades to increase performance and possibly the look. When it comes to the resale of these vehicles, it also helps to have a well-known builder’s name attached and in this case its Chip Foose, along with the car being featured on the TV show Overhaulin’ at SEMA.

Like any well put together customised muscle car, if you squint the car has the same exterior as any other ’67 Charger in top condition, but it’s things like the deeper paintwork, shaved door handles and custom wheels that are the initial giveaway that something else is going on here. There’s really not much information with the listing, even the engine department listing it only as ‘8,’ so it’s up to doing a bit of web research to find out the car’s mechanical specs. In short it has a 426 Hemi V8 with 425hp, going through a Bowler 727 automatic transmission with 2 speed gear Vendors overdrive to a standard rear end.

The engine department also has a Serpentine belt assembly, heavy duty radiator with polished aluminum overflow tank, torsion bar front suspension, AC and custom red and black interior, along with a 1400 Watt Audio System for the hard of hearing. Clearly being built by Chip Foose and the linkage with the SEMA show and Overhaulin’ TV show gives it much exposure which will always add to its monetary worth. At an asking price at a touch under $150K, this is the most this car has been asked for up to this point, having already gone under the block at Barrett Jacksons in 2017 for $121,000.00. It’s clearly been traded up quickly in value, but has it hit its zenith pricewise?

This Charger has clear street credibility and will always hold its value, but it’s definitely knocking on the door of its top end price here, so any interested parties may be worth doing a bit of haggling over this one.





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