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1968 Plymouth Hemi Road Runner J Code

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VIN: RM21J8A173918
Engine: 426ci./7.0 L Hemi V8
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Color: Electric Blue
Interior: two tone Blue
Rear end: 3.54 Dana 60
Mileage: 95,155
Price:US $129,950.00


Here we have a top end of the market Hemi Road Runner, having had a ground up restoration, numbers matching and everything is close to factory specs as possible. It also comes with two original broadcast sheets.

This Road Runner comes from its first year of production in 1968 and houses the $714 option Hemi engine with 425 bhp and 490 lb·ft. of torque. 1968 saw only 1,019 hemi Road Runners produced, but another source says 787, 421 with hard tops???? (please comment if you can verify these numbers). It comes in Q code Electric Blue and as you would expect at this price point, everything needs to be spotless and pass the ‘can I eat my dinner from it’ test of cleanliness throughout. This example seems to tick all the boxes throughout, even down to the VIN tag screws being rust free.

A little more information about its background would have been nice in the listing and even a seal of approval from a Mopar specialist with exact production numbers,etc.

Hagerty have a 1968 Hemi Road Runner down as being worth $147k in #1 concours condition and $96k in #2 excellent condition. This means that this Road Runner listing is bobbing between excellent and concours price-wise. Hagerty also say that the price may need adjusting +10% for a 4 speed manual as in this case and the Electric Blue variation can also make a difference to the pricing. Show room pricings are always going to be a bit more than a private sale, so a bit of negotiation may be needed here.

Clearly, Plymouth Road Runners are only going to go up in value as time goes by and a hemi Road Runner will always be front of mind as a classic muscle car. You never know, in a few years $129K may seem quite reasonable for this type of vehicle.





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