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Rare Muscle Car Option You May Never Have Heard of

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By Dave Ashton

Rare options on a muscle car can make the difference between prices being average or life changing. It’s usually in combination like with a certain paint color, engine, etc. for a certain model year, with some of those options down the years being only available for a short period of time. The options may be more obvious like a convertible rather than a hardtop or more obscure like some interior items. you are

This is not an exhaustive list, more as a prompt for if you are looking at a certain muscle car to check out its VIN, fender and door tags for certain ‘codes’ that hopefully the other cars don’t possess. To decipher these option codes you will have to do a little research, but there are plenty of websites with a database where you can look up these codes. We’ve listed a few below –

Mustangs –
Mopars –
Camaros –
Firebirds –

Essentially, it’s good practice to run through the codes on the VIN, fender and door tags for a muscle car you potentially want to buy. The best conditioned vehicles should have this done for you in some form of paperwork, but if you’re looking at a barn find car you’ll have to potential do the work yourself.

1970 Plymouth Barracuda with Quarter-Panel Scoop
mopar options

Option code M46 on a ’70 Cuda was a Elastomeric rear quarter-panel air scoop in front of the rear wheels, along with matte black lower-body trim with white and red pinstripes. Apparently only 450 were built.

1968 Pontiac GTO with Endura-Delete
Option code 674 on the 1968 GTO came in the form of a Endura polyurethane foam front bumper which had a steel core. Only 2108 GTOs were produced in 1968.

1970 Ford XL with Dualtone Paint
Only 2700 Dualtone paint version of the XL were produced, but could be found in a number of colour combinations.

1972 Plymouth Satellite Coupe with V21/V25 Hood/Deck Stripes

Codes V21 and V25 are were the options of twin flat-black hood/rear deck stripes when the Air Grabber hood was ordered. The base Satellite, Sebring and Sebring-Plus could also be ordered with these options.

1972 Buick Skylark Sun Coupe
This option was available for the Skylark 350 hardtop. It included a vinyl folding sunroof available in white, black, sandalwood, tan, brown, or green and the choice of carpet colours – bright gold or bright red, although black or sandalwood. American Sunroof Corporation performed the work and said there was around 1127-3943 produced and 6 GSs.

1970 Pontiac GTO Humbler
Vacuum operated exhaust (VOE). Around 233 built, 212 hardtop coupes and 21 convertbiles all with YS” 400ci/350 hp V8 engines.

1965 Mustang cloth seat inserts
Code 56/76

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ HURST 4 speed
455HO engine and a tach on the hood.

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