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1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible

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By Dave Ashton

VIN: BH27G1B438314
Engine: 426ci. Hemi 2×4 bbl
Transmission: 4 Speed manual
Exterior Color: B5 Blue
Mileage: 113,000
Price:US $98,630.00


1971 Cudas are some of the most expensive muscle cars around, so any listing you see under $100k you mentally screech to a halt, reverse and check out the details. The listing needs to mention some magic words for starters which include, ‘1971’ ,’Hemi’, ‘convertible’ and probably ‘rare options.’ In this case the excitement balloon was popped a little when the listing said, ‘Originally a 1971 B5 blue with blue interior 318 automatic Barracuda convertible.’ More a tribute vehicle but this Cuda still has a lot going for it.

Built on June 22, 1971 it now has a 426ci. 8 bbl V8 with a 4 speed Hurst pistol grip. Restored about 8 years ago with 7,000 miles done since the restoration. It clearly is in very good condition, maybe not concours level 1, but with detailing a nice show car.

Some nice options are included – ‘B5 blue and black color combination, premium leather interior, rallye gauges (clock works!), 3 speaker dash with no cracks, power convertible black top, black Hemi billboard stripe, rear wing, factory light package, heavy duty cooling, LH/RH painted racing mirrors, 8 3/4 sure grip with 3:55 gears, A/C air conditioning added (needs freon charge), 3 speed wipers, 15′ rallye wheels with Goodyear Polyglas tires, modern power front disc brake booster, aftermarket radio with upgraded speakers in dash and amplifier in trunk. New aftermarket parts along with NOS and used original equipment parts used recently and during the restoration.’

The seller says there is also around $20k of ‘E and B body parts and tools’ available if needed ‘at a significantly discounted package price’ to the new owner.

It also nice of the seller to outline what is wrong with the car, i.e. – ‘rear main engine seal leaks oil’, ‘The brakes need adjusting, cars stops very hard with wheels locking sometimes. Some paint chips and minor scrapes. Interior looks very nice, some button caps missing on the leather seats.’ There are also some paint chips and minor scrapes on the exterior. Minor points but great for being mentioned.

You can pick up a 1971 Cuda with a hardtop and smaller engine for under $100k, but once you start talking about an original Hemi engine and a convertible in very good condition, the asking price here may seem reasonable, compared to an all original. Clearly, you will need a personal inspection here, but at the very least this could be a very good future investment, especially when an original B5 blue Hemi Cuda convertible was sold in 2014, for $3.5 Million, obviously with a lot rarer options.





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