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1966 Chevrolet Nova SS For Sale: A Solid Classic

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chevy nova ss

By Dave Ashton

VIN: 118376W131622
Engine: 355ci V8
Transmission: W/400 Automatic
Ford 9 inch rear end
373 gears
Price:US $34,000.00

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This example of a Chevy II 1966 Chevrolet Nova SS popped up on our radar at quite a reasonable price. This is the second generation of the Chevy Nova, being birthed in 1966 with a more squared off look than the previous generation. This being an SS model, originally it would have had the choice of any combination of engine. The car was also marketed as the ‘Chevy II SS’ for this model year, with the Nova SS packaging and branding coming in 1967.

Personally, I prefer the 1970 Nova SS, as has the more classic muscle car looks, but this 1966 model is still a solid classic, exactly what the Nova is known for. A simple and solid structure to build on.

The one you see here is in excellent condition showing off the simple lines of the time, with what looks like a well maintained paint job. The description that comes with the car is extremely brief. Just a sentence of the main specs., which usually implies, ‘those who know what they are looking at and have the money, will be interested.’ All well and good, but with any car listing, it’s nice to get some back history, what has been changed on the car and what has been upgraded.

chevy nova ss

A quick glimpse of the interior picture shows new gauges and a bunch of upgraded features. The interior also has a full tube chassis, along with upgraded bracing in in the engine bay. No mention of if the engine is original or not, but all the other elements point to this being more of the restomod(a classic car with new bits added) than an original classic.

chevy nova ss

So, if you’re in the market for an all original vintage muscle car, you may want to look elsewhere. But, if you want vintage styling with more modern performance, then this Chevy II could be an option. Information will be needed for exactly what’s been done to the engine, the upgrades added and hopefully paperwork to back it up. If everything checks out with this Nova, then it could be one of those scenarios where someone has done all the work for you, performed all the upgrades, worked out the problems, lost interest and became sick of spending money on the thing and are now selling it on. In other words, saving you all the time, expense and headache of doing exactly the same jobs yourself.

If this example was completely original with the 350ci. V8 it was born with, than the asking price is not too far off the current market standard. With the changes and upgrades, it’s harder to quantify. Thus the need for all you upgrade information before buying. If everything checks out on this car, then it would make for a nice little classic, with the added benefits of more modern performance.

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