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1966 Chevrolet Impala SS, 3 On The Tree

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VIN: 168376r137568
Engine: 396ci. V8
Transmission: 3 speed column
Mileage: 109,000
Current bid: $6,100.00


First off, this 1966 Chevrolet Impala is unusual having the SS and 396 options along with a 3-speed column shifter. It clearly needs a lot of restoration work, but hopefully the majority of rust is on the surface and everything here is relatively intact including the interior, but clearly needs alot of repair.

If nothing else, it’s the first image that makes this car eye-catching as the rusted patina gives the car a really nice golden color, but this is more to do with how the image was shot than anything else. If this bright orange look could be captured under some clearcoat, it could make for a very interesting exterior ala a Rat Rod look. At the very least it could be some inspiration to the next owner. If a full restoration is going to be done on this Impala then it’s going to need to be stripped back to the bare metal anyway and making it fully original again seems the most sensible route.

The powertrain is said to the numbers matching on the plus point, but having been sat in a barn for 25 years will need a complete rebuild. The interior is complete but the seats will need to be reupholstered, with a new dash pad and headliner. Maybe the 25 years being sat in a barn has kept it away from the worst of the elements and long-term, deep corrosion.

Clearly, in prime condition a 1966 Impala is a fine looking vehicle and with a 396 engine should definitely be saved. This one definitely needs to be restored to bring it back to its former glory. Although it’s covered in surface rust, things need replacing and rebuilding, the body looks to be solid and straight, the chrome work in good condition and it’s solid where it counts. It’s not hit its reserve yet at $6,100.00, but I can’t see it going higher than $9k. If you want a long-term restoration project, definitely shortlist this one.





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