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Maybe Buy Of The Day: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda 440

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By Dave Ashton

Engine: 440ci.
Mileage: 15,884
Price:US $13,500.00


With the ever-increasing price of Vintage Cudas, everyone of them should be saved, but with examples in as bad condition as this one the road back to original condition is going to be a very long road. This one looks like it couldn’t have any more holes in it unless Ridley Scott’s Alien bled out all over the thing after a scrap with the Predator. However, it is a numbers matching 440 U code with only 620 made with a 4 barrel automatic on the column, rally wood dash, stock radio and door sticker.

This is one of the times when a fish should definitely be out of water, but it looks like this Cuda has spent most of its life submerged. Simply, whoever takes on this project has a ton of sheet metal work ahead of them and welding just for starters. In the past a car in this condition would simply have been junked straightaway. They simply don’t have the weatherproofing we take for granted today on modern vehicles. But with 1970s 440 Cudas now getting easily over $50k in value, the restoration work is worth the effort. However, this one is pushing the boundaries a little.

It looks like nearly all areas of metal have some form of holes or dents from the engine bay to the rear end, with some gaping chasms in the trunk and floors.

The engine will definitely need a rebuild and although the rally dash is still in place, everything else in the interior will need replacing.

Bringing this Cuda back to life it’s going to be a long road with plenty of investment of time, work and money. Is it worth saving? Yes. Will you make an eventual profit? Yes. It’s severely rotted out more than most but definitely worth the effort to bring it back to life. Whoever eventually buys this fish, we would definitely love to see it back in its original condition and whoever takes on this welding job definitely deserves a medal.





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