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1959 Plymouth Fury Sport, 1 of 1.

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Engine: GOLDEN COMMANDO 361 cid/305hp B” block V8.
Transmission: 3 Spd Automatic.
Value for this vehicle would be invalid to rate it for any less than a “Vehicle #1” condition.
But It Now Price: US $40,000.00 (6th July 2015)

‘As a special order (at extra cost) and perhaps the most interesting option was the Golden Commando 395 “B” block V-8. This engine is presented as it came off the assembly line…just perfect.
With a slightly bigger bore (4.12 inch to 4.06 inch) and the same stroke (3.38 inch), displacement jumped slightly to 361 cid. The new engine (for 1959) was rated at 305 hp at 4600 rpm, doing 0-60 in just 8 seconds.
The 10:1 compression ratio was key to the power output and the engine actually took its name from its stump-pulling torque – 395 lb-ft at 3000rpm. Special features included a high-performance camshaft, high-performance dual breaker distributor, and high-performance intake manifold and dual carburetors are coupled on the three-speed TorqueFlight transmission.’

‘Value trends for this car have been rock solid since January of 2010. For five-years, the value has not risen, but did increase over $10,000 since 2006. Value for this vehicle would be invalid to rate it for any less than a “Vehicle #1” condition. This car stands amongst the best in the world. It is the ideal color combo and is equipped perfectly to rival any vehicles displayed alongside at the finest concours event. Truly, a car to be proud of and one you won’t ever see in this condition.’



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