Top 5 Car Race Games For Your Smartphone

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Top 5 Car Race Games For Your Smartphone

Racing games are always great fun and now most of the best games are ported to smart phones along with dedicated smartphone car games, you have loads to choose from.
Check out the five pics below which all a fantastic graphics and gameplay.

1. Fast and Furious: Legacy
The great thing about this game is that you are the wide range of cars to choose from, including some classic muscle cars from all of the fast and furious franchise.
Racing is the core of the game, but you get plenty of opportunity to interact with characters along with other modes in the game like drifting mode.
Tons of fun and well worth a look.

2. Speed Racing
The graphics on this game are not as detailed as the other games here, but the gameplay more than makes up for this aspect.
The top-down view gives you a great sense of where you are in the game and personal, is an easier viewpoint than first person.
Loads of hours of fun

3. Drag Racing
With 50+ officially licensed cars and tons of performance upgrades for you to win, there’s nothing like a good old drag race. Simple and to the point, but don’t underestimate a drag race game, optimising your ride to be the fastest it can be is the challenge.

4. CSR Racing
CSR Racing-45ergtse
Over 85 licensed cars and fantastic in game graphics, most of the rides come from the modern musclecar era, like the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo.

5. Real Racing 3
Over 100 ‘intensely’ detailed vehicles.
12 real tracks in multiple configurations from top worldwide locations.
Great graphics, great gameplay, but you have to have the latest smart phone to run this great game.

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