Ford dealers Unite to Stay in V8 Supercars

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Ford dealers Unite to Stay in V8 Supercars


Australian Ford dealers are joining forces and contributing $1 million a year to save Ford in the V8 Supercar stakes.

A network of dealers are collaborating on this venture as Ford shocked the V8 community by announcing they will be leaving V8 Supercars last year. They hope Ford will contribute the rest.

As in the US, Australia have their own car rivalry between Ford and Holden, so while Ford fans are dismayed and hoping for the best in the future, Holden fans are probably throwing parties as we speak, with a live web cam feed of Henry Ford turning in his grave over the news.

The future in Australian V8 racing would probably mean Mustangs, Taurus, Mondeos and Fusions to be featured.

Really Ford? As arguably one of the forerunners of the V8 engine in automotive history, you should be the ones leading the pack not splitting it up………grrrrr!

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