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10 Of The Best Classic Mopar Muscle Cars Ever

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By David Ashton

When you are on a winning streak you maximize your efforts and this seems to have been the case for Chrysler from the middle of the 60s to roughly the mid-70s.
From the various Mopar brands many infamous car models were produced, which resonate today as not just classics of their era, but also a firm statement of ‘there is no replacement for displacement.’

Some may see the muscle cars produced by Mopar in this era as almost a bubble of automotive engineering, with their huge engines, definitive looks and mindset to power down the dragstrip as fast as possible. However, the proof is in the pudding as these vehicles are still cherished and collected all around the world and are still seen as great platforms for modern improvements in restomod, pro-Tourers and the best of what flies down a quarter or eighth mile strip.
They have also become some of the most collectable vehicles in the world with some of their ultra-limited options.

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So here’s a list of 10 classic Mopar vehicles, some of which can fetch some of the highest prices in the classic car scene.

1965 Plymouth Barracuda
Chrysler use the A body platform to produce one of the most distinctive vehicles of the musclecar era.
It probably wasn’t until 1970 that the Barracuda got its distinctive muscle car looks, but it was 1965 that started the show.


1971 Plymouth Barracuda
The ’71 version of the Barracuda had a new front grille, taillights and upgraded trim. It is the only year that the Barracuda had four headlights and the fender gills.
One of the rarest, in its 426 CI. Hemi format.


1966 Dodge Charger
The Dodge Charger was originally intended as a personal luxury vehicle as a response to the AMC Marlin, Mustang and Barracuda.
The distinctive grille and fastback look lasted until the fourth generation and is arguably the most distinctive of the muscle cars.


1968 Dodge Charger

This is when the second-generation of Dodge Charger came about with its classic Coke bottle lines.
Standout models were the R/T with the 440 Magnum or 426 Hemi engines.


1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

Along with the Plymouth Superbird, the Dodge Charger Daytona is probably the most distinctive looking car on the planet.
Only produced between 1969 and 1970, a huge nose cone and spoiler were produced for aerodynamics to win at NASCAR. A 440ci.(7.2L) Magnum or 426ci.(7.0L) Hemi engine were the order of the day.
Due to poor sales at the time, they are now some of the most collectable cars around.


1970 Dodge Challenger T/A
The first generation Dodge Challenger was produced between 1970 – 1974 on the Chrysler E body platform.
It was Dodge’s response to the Plymouth Barracuda and had plenty of options to choose from, but it was the 1970 only T/A (Trans Am) version which was a street version of the racecar, which won the day.
A 340 CI engine with around 320 HP, front disc brakes, Rallye suspension and different size wheels, front to back, made for a great racer.


1970 Dodge Super Bee

Although the 1970 model didn’t sell as well as the ’68 or ’69 years, it did receive a more distinctive front end and the ‘bumblebee wings’ front.
A 383 CID, 440 CI. Or 426 Hemi V8 are available.


1970 Plymouth Superbird

Just like the Dodge Daytona, the Plymouth Superbird was built for NASCAR racing, with limited numbers for the street.
The huge nosecone and spoiler were for aerodynamic purposes, with one of the standout drivers of the car being Richard Petty.
Due to only one year of production and low sales of the time, they are some of the most valued muscle cars.


1968 Plymouth Road Runner

Another distinctive classic from the late 60s is the Plymouth Roadrunner.
Based on the Belvedere, the B platform licensed the name from Warner Brothers and producer the most distinctive of muscle cars.
Tough, squared off looks made it an instant muscle car and still today a highly collectable vehicle.
It came in a 383 CID, 440 CI and 426 CI Hemi V8.


1970 Plymouth Duster 340

Based on the Valiant platform, it was the 340ci.(5.6L) version which had the best performance.
It may not be as popular or well-known as the others, but the Duster still held its own in the muscle car world.

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