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Rare 1 of 2, 4 door Chevrolet Corvette Now For Sale

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By Dave Ashton

Four-door muscle cars aren’t a new thing. Just check out the latest Dodge Charger as an example. But, when it comes to the Chevrolet Corvette, it seems almost weird to think of one as a four-door version. That obviously didn’t stop the Chevy designers back in the day, as you can see from this 1980 Vette.

This example is one of six, which was built by California Custom Coach, Pasadena, to see how the market would react. Created from two donor vehicles to keep the looks of the front and back end, while extending the car into a four-door version, complete with two T-tops. Apparently, one of the six was a prototype, three have been written off in the interim years, leaving only two left in the world. Due to the initial high cost of $35,000, while a regular Vette was only $13,000, meant the car was never put into mass production.

This one is said to be numbers matching, with only 20k on the clock, has a 350ci. V8 engine and an automatic transmission(not specified exactly what and no mention that this is the prototype). From looks alone, this Vette looks like a 1980’s Vette that has been stretched out in Photoshop, but it is curiously, the real deal.


As for worth, it’s currently for sale at for $102,562 and has been treated to a $750 detailing job to make it as shiny as a brand-new mullet from the same period.


It maybe expensive and quirky, but for the right collector, this Vette could be an ideal investment.


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