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Holiday Commercial Shows New Dodge Charger

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new dodge charger

Dodge teased its all-new variant of the Dodge Charger coming in late 2024 in a special holiday commercial. An animated concept of the Charger hints at classic styling cues such as a chiselled front end, hood bulges, and muscular lines that flow to the vehicle’s rear.

Aiming at modernizing the classic design, the new Christmas video shows the new Charger sporting more traditional circular headlights than the electric Daytona concept released by Dodge a few months ago, in addition to a sleek long front door that may indicate it’ll be a sedan with hidden rear handles.

In terms of powertrain, Dodge has kept tight-lipped on details though they have confirmed that there will not be any V8 engine options available on the new Charger. Instead, the variant is expected to feature the Stellantis Hurricane inline-six for different tiers of performance. A sportier Dodge variant, based on the Charger, is also slated to come out soon.

While the release date of the all-new Dodge Charger isn’t too far away, there are still plenty of details yet to be revealed about the car. The interior is one such area that Dodge has stayed tight-lipped about, though it is likely to be filled with the latest tech.
The exterior design of the new Charger will also come under scrutiny as Dodge looks to make sure the car stays true to its muscle car roots while also getting a modern update. The chiselled front end and sleek long door featured in the holiday commercial allude to a beautiful and timeless look that will be sure to turn heads once it hits the roads.

Another feature that hasn’t been mentioned yet is the potential for a hybrid version of the Charger. We know that the electric variant will be available but a hybrid model could be an even more efficient and eco-friendly alternative.

In terms of safety, the Charger is sure to be up to the latest standards across the board. This means features like lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, emergency braking, and many more advanced safety technologies will be standard fare.

For those wanting to customize their vehicle, Dodge will provide a range of options allowing the buyer to pick from exterior paint colors, wheels, interior trim, and a host of other options. Those with a bigger budget may also be able to add on performance parts such as carbon fiber bodywork for an even sportier look.

In addition to the standard Charger, there will likely be a high-performance version of the car released as well. This version should bring improved power and handling without sacrificing too much in terms of efficiency.

Dodge has certainly done an impressive job in teasing the new Dodge Charger. Fans of the iconic Charger will no doubt have to wait until late 2024 to get their hands on it, but the wait will be well worth it when it eventually arrives.


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