The Zombie 222: The Future Electric Muscle Car?

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We have featured the Zombie 222 in the past,  but we thought it would be worth reviewing the car and its technology again.

It’s an uneasy feeling featuring an all electric muscle car or at least an all electric powertrain that can be retrofitted to a muscle car. The V8 engine and its magnificent sound is part of the formula of a muscle car. It’s a bit like taking the bun or meat away from a burger and replacing it with something else. There maybe a good replacement, but it’s kind of not the same.
However, electric vehicles seem to be slowly coming our way. This means it’s best to at least see what’s out there what this technology can do.

Power and Cost
The Zombie 222 has an all electric drivetrain, which can do 0 to 60 mph in 1.79 seconds, an eighth mile in 6.31 seconds at 113.4 mph and quarter mile in 9.89 seconds at 140.6 mph. Impressive stats.
This is a conversion process, and although they don’t have strict prices on their website, their video says each car and build is unique. As an example, the video says that a conversion with A/C, long-range battery would be north of the $150,000. but pricing seems to be for the highest performing conversion. Cheaper conversions are available.

It seems the powers and performance is there, but it’s still a pricey conversion. Especially considering what you can get for the same money with a traditional V8 engine build.
It’s still early days for this technology, and it looks promising, but it also seems like it has a long way to go.
Only time will tell.

Pricing overview


Zombie 222 burn out.

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