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Winter Muscle Car Blues

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By Mark Weisseg

Yessir we are bored. That is the majority of us that live in the snow belt. We have stored away our cars for the long winter. We count the days until spring. We check on the cars every couple of days to make sure they did not move without us. We day dream of warm summer days and nights filled with the smell of gasoline in the air. Friends slip away during the winter like bears hibernate. So how can we pass the time?

Well, here are some suggestions. First if you are within driving distance head up to the Henry Ford Museum. One can easily kill two days there without rushing. If you have the means head to Florida for the first Mecum auction of the year. You don’t need to be a bidder to have fun. Or, if you are a west coast person maybe head to Arizona for the Barrett Jackson experience. It does not cost a lot to get in and see a thousand vehicles being sold. The crowds are big and there is always something to see and do. Or, if the budget does not permit such travels it’s time to brush up on your own car. There is no better time to finally do that project you have been putting off. Clean the carpets, deep clean the seats, or better yet, wipe down that engine compartment. Lastly, call a friend and have lunch. Nothing soothes the soul better than talking to one of your own. Tell a story, kick ideas around and maybe plan a day trip with your cars once the weather breaks. How about attending a car cruise near your home that you never been too? Heck, where I live we joke there is a car cruise show everyday of the week anymore. Why not try a new one and see new cars and people?

Let’s face it, we are just starting winter. Spring is quite a way off yet. You might as well do something that you enjoy during these long winter days. Beats watching reruns of Different Strokes and asking everyone ” what you talking about Willis”?

I have made some plans for myself in order to not get goofy during these winter months. I am trying to get my Model A done in the next two weeks and I am also discussing buying a new classic car. It’s another barn find that like most was shear dumb luck that it was stumbled onto. We shall see. If I get it I will of course forward on the pictures and story. In the meantime the carburetor is being rebuilt on the Zenith Carburetor on the A. That should be done this weekend and then a series of tests will be preformed to ensure the car is ready to go. I hope so. I need the distraction as well.

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