Will Top Gear Become Bottom Gear Without Clarkson, Hammond And May?

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Will Top Gear Become Bottom Gear Without Clarkson, Hammond And May?

Will TopGear Become BottomGear Wthout Clarkson, Hammond And May

I don’t think I can remember a time when there was so much media coverage over the new presenter(s) of a car show. But this only highlights how popular and well liked Top Gear is around the world.

In the grand scheme of things, America is not that bothered who hosts the UK version of Top Gear, but the UK is where the show originated from and the reason why it is so globally popular is down to the format of the UK show and the (old) presenters. This undeniably has been mostly down to the relationship of the three presenters – Clarkson, Hammond and May, in no particular order.
The first time I spotted the current format was in an early Naughties show where the guys were stood on a riverbank in the pouring rain, fishing and arguing over which is the best car.
‘What a great idea,’ I thought, have the three guys discussing cars just like three regular guys in a bar, overly opinionated about their choices and talking at length why they think their car is the best and not backing down, not just the basic specs of the vehicle and a voice-over road test.
As the years went on, the show did start to become a parody of itself almost, but for the entertainment factor, it was fantastic…….and to see cool cars every week!


Dismissing the who’s, where’s and what’s of Jeremy Clarkson’s dismissal, the next presenters could basically be anybody at this stage…. You might as well put your betting money on me being the next host of the show!
But why does this have to be the way forward?
Can’t Mr Clarkson be reinstated and give the public what they want? Yes, Mr Clarkson can be very opinionated and only going off media representations of the guy, his ego may have gone a little overblown, but in this case, have the BBC shot their golden goose, even if that golden goose goes a bit far sometimes?
It’s a fine line, and obviously the BBC can’t have its employees hitting other employees without consequence, but in this case one of these employees is not only one of the biggest names in car journalism but one of the most watched presenters on any TV show (not a subjective view, look at the viewing figures.)
Then again, the show may get three new fantastic presenters and within a few months the old three are forgotten about. But as Clarkson, Hammond and May have been the main stay presenters for so long, I just can’t see the public forgetting that quickly or easily and if the new presenters don’t ‘gel’ like the old three, Top Gear will just be another car show.
So, as I see it the BBC have a difficult choice. Have three new presenters and cross their fingers that they gel as well or better than the last three or stick with what they know works. If the BBC think reinstating the three Amigos is bowing to pressure or letting one of their presenters dictate the course of things to a corporation, then this could not be further from the truth.
It may be just my individual point of view, but the way I see it is the BBC are just giving the public what they want for their viewing pleasure, not everybody, as each of the presenters have their dissenters, but like 3 old blankets that are old and tatty and could do with being replaced, they will always be better than three new ones. The new ones may be in better condition, but they just don’t feel the same. That takes alot of time and will new presenters be able to convince the public they are as good or better before the public judge? Those are the only two scenarios that will work.

So Auntie BBC, like a lenient Caesar of old, give the crowds what they want because we may get used to the new guys or girls on the show, but like old friends we discuss or argue our points of view with, replacements are never the same.

What about the poor Stig in all of this? I can only guess as long as he has something that does 0-60 in less than 5 seconds to drive, he’s/she’s/it’s happy, if happiness is a Stig emotion. (it maybe just a digital readout to him.)

what do you think on the subject? Comment below.

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