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Wheels on a car can be a very individual thing. One man’s gold is, well, another man’s………. not gold??

Add the wrong wheels and you can spoil the look of the car, but choose the right ones and you can enhance the look of the vehicle and add to the performance, turning a car from something regular looking into something special. We’re not talking about ricer territory here, wheels just for the sake of adding wheels, but wheels that will fit the vehicle both in looks and performance.

Audio city USA seem to specialise in more of the higher end of the market when it comes to wheels and audio. Don’t expect budget prices here, but you can expect top of the range wheels going from old school hot rods to the latest creations.
They do arguably have more offerings for newer vehicles, but we found Camero wheels staggered, old school wheels, OEM wheels going from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, e.g. they have some 18 and 20 inch Foose rims with free shipping and some gorgeous looking Gloss Black Giovanna Wheels Rims Puerto staggered.

They do have a section called ‘used factory wheels’ which may be worth keeping an eye on, as they don’t have many listings here, but they may just have some in the future that may fit your particular vehicle.

In car entertainment or car audio is as complex as building your own home hi-fi system, so many variables and so many choices. Change one component and you can change the whole sound.
Endless fun, but it can also be endless expense.
Audio city seem to have a good range of products from amplifiers, to speaker components, to a full range of cables and wires.
They don’t stock the actual sound systems themselves, but quite honestly I would rather try these out in person anyway as you do need to hear the difference in person and play with the features.

From the bling to the conservative, if you are in the market for a new set of wheels or audio components, then Audio City USA may be on your shortlist.

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