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What To Expect If You Miss A Car Tune Up

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Tune Up

When you love your car, you take good care of it.

Taking it to the car wash regularly is one way of showing it affection. Enhancing its sound system with a superb car audio installation is another. Then there’s bringing it in for a scheduled tune up.

Unfortunately, some car owners tend to neglect that last one.

More often than not, car owners ignore tune-ups because their vehicle seems to be functioning well despite missing the appointment.

What they don’t realize is that cars that don’t get the tune-up they need after, say, 25,000 miles will eventually let you know that missing it is not a good idea.

Cars that don’t go through a scheduled tune-up will eventually take a long time to start.

Even if you do manage to start the engine, the lack of a tune-up has raised its risk of stalling at some point.

If you look more closely, you will notice that your fuel mileage will suffer, too.

Missing a tune-up may also reduce your car’s braking capacity, which could put you and your passengers in harm’s way.

Car tune-ups are incredibly important. If your car’s manufacturer recommends specific intervals for a tune-up, it would be best if you follow those recommendations.

To know more about car tune-ups, check out the infographic below.

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