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There is nothing better than sitting behind the wheel of an American-made vehicle. After all, muscle cars ooze style and sophistication and offer a smooth performance on the road. You would be foolish to pick an overseas make and model.

As the US has produced many iconic vehicles, such as the Chevy El Camino, ‘67 Mustang, and the 1963 Corvette, you might be cautious about putting your stamp on a classic car.

However, it is possible to add a touch of personality into a vehicle without compromising its style or value. Find out how to customize a muscle car.

Replace the Headliner

Your muscle car’s headliner can determine the look and feel of the interior. If you want to inject more personality into your vehicle, you could replace the headliner with a vintage fabric that will wow passengers. Alternatively, add a headliner that will improve insulation, increase comfort and reduce noise on the road.

Upgrade Parts to Improve Performance

While many classic American vehicles ruled the road during their day, more powerful makes and models have emerged throughout the decades. You can, however, upgrade a muscle car with new parts to help it compete with modern vehicles.

For example, AMC Javelin’s original engine produced little more than 300 horsepower. However, you can update the engine and the vehicle parts to help it reach 1100 horsepower. It is a hidden upgrade that will transform the vehicle’s performance without compromising on its style.

Change Your Floormats

Floormats can add a burst of color to your muscle car. The practical accessories will keep your floor clean and help your interior exude style and sophistication. As floor mats aren’t fixed into the vehicle, they will not devalue your muscle car. Plus, you can replace them to suit your taste and interests.

Look for Unfixed Accessories

Similar to floor mats, you must look for accessories that will not permanently fix to your vehicle. For example, if you’re a doctor with a passion for muscle cars, there is no reason why you can’t keep green flashing beacons in the glovebox, which you can place on top of your vehicle during a medical emergency.

Also, you could add other accessories into your car, such as:

The above accessories could help you customize your car and protect your interior. It is a great way to create a personalized vehicle to match your lifestyle while preventing depreciation.

Customize Your Interior Door Panels

It might surprise you to learn that you can customize a classic muscle car’s interior door panel. Either look for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for a vintage restoration, or you can upgrade from the factory standard with a new style or color.

So, if you want to put a personal stamp on your classic or modern muscle car, the above options are a fantastic place to start. Plus, they will not force you to compromise your vehicle’s style, performance, or value.


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