What To Do With A Precious Car Find.

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By Mark Weisseg

Boy, when I saw this picture I shivered all over. This beautiful car rotting in the woods somewhere is a darn shame. The only positive here is that someone finally discovered it and with some luck can dragged it out of the woods.

Then the real fun begins of course. Once it’s in a garage, the fun of figuring out what is salvageable and what is beyond saving becomes job one. It’s a big task and as you all know when you start a massive project.

At one point the car was new and someone loved the car. It was full of great memories and good times for everyone that got behind the wheel. But as time marched on, the shine wore off and a few mechanical issues later, someone thought it best to park it and drive something else. Now, we will never know if the owner had intentions to come back to it some day but, all we know now is someday is here.
From the limited angle of this picture it appears all is there. Of course we do not have a clue about the engine and transmission but that can be resolved without too much issue.

The task at hand is to get it into dry ground and start taking inventory of the car. What is good and what is not. Once you inventory everything you need to make that all important decision on which way to go with this car. Original or Rod it.
Half the battle is just finding these gems and the owner so you can get a title and get this project moving. It might be a good idea to ask the owner to stop by once in a while so that he or she can see the progress. It is also a bit of a trick to get the owner to let it go. They may have some weird possession theory on this car and may want it never to leave there sight. But if you promise to make it right and invite them to see the progress, they may buy into your story.

Be thankful you found it and be proud when you finish it. You will have some bragging rights by then so be sure to brag. Just a little tho.

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