The SRT Hellcat Sparing In The Top Three Car Makers.

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By Mark Weisseg

This has to be the biggest hyped car in a long time and rightly so. For the FCA fans, they have not had much in the last few years to get excited about. Sure the Charger has been out there with the always famous Hemi engine, but a four door? You could buy that Challenger with a 6.1 or 6.2 Hemi and that was cool for a while. But, when Mustang showed up at the party with there big engine and the car was much lighter, the air left the FCA balloon. Then, Camaro did the same. Big engine and lighter than the FCA cars. All had history and the fight was on and it was destined for fifteen rounds.

These three are still fighting which is great for us consumers. While the three come up with bigger horsepower, better brakes and interiors, we all just sit back and wait and see what is next for us to ponder.
Let’s see, Mustang now has the GT350 and GT350R that everyone that drives one loves. Then, Camaro said oh wait a bit and I will offer you a Z28 with a drop top. Then, FCA wheels out the Hellcat with a whopping 707 horsepower that to this day amazes me.
As for the cream on the cake, FCA is hinting at another two door like a ‘Cuda or maybe a two door Charger. Where does it end? I don’t know but I can tell you it is fun to watch. My real issue is like yours. You finally decide on one figuring you bought the best and three months later the other two companies make announcements that make your decision less decisive.

Here’s another short story that has this old boy a bit concerned.
I inquired the other day with our local Mopar club if they knew of any Challenger Hellcats in stock locally. Almost right away a guy in the club sent me a message that said a dealer I am aware of has a plum crazy in stock. Gadzooks!
So, I sent the dealer an email asking two questions. One, is it really Plum Crazy and is the price on the Internet the price plus title, tax and plates? Two simple questions.
Within a few hours I received an email in return from the Internet sales manager thanking me for the inquiry but, he didn’t answer my question. The next day, the GM of sales, sent me an email to be sure I got the first email because he feared it might have gone to a spam or junk box. I replied I received both emails and said in my reply that I had two questions only and I repeated the two simple questions. Twenty four hours later and I do not have an answer to these two simple questions. Verify the color and verify the price shown on the Internet.
This is what happens when you have a product that is selling like gangbusters, the company can get a bit lazy and miss a few customers in the masses, as the line is around the building. This works for a while but, as we all know we all desire service after the sale. This dealership has me worried in that if they cannot answer two simple questions now what would the future service be like if needed?

So, do I turn my attention to the other two companies? We will see how this shakes out but for now I am sitting back and enjoying the three big heavy weights fight over who gets the money.
They may drop an email here and there, but it ultimately means better cars for us all.

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