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Utah’s Last Classic Salvage Yard Now Closing

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By Dave Ashton

It’s the sign of the times, but encroaching housing development an increasing costs has put McBride’s Auto Wrecking, Grantsville, Utah in the position of having to shut up shop in June after being open since the 1930s. Dennis McBride, 73 who has worked at the yard all his life is now bringing it to a close, due to new regulations for scrapyards and nearby housing developments, making the yard now financially un-viable. Basically, the guy has been cornered into such high insurance and overheads he has no choice but to close.

The yard was one of the first to be licensed in the state of Utah and as they kept more stuff than they got rid of, there are truly some gems lurking in the great expanse of this yard. There are Packards, Hudsons, Model T’s, Studebakers and mainly vehicles and parts from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s. The Studebaker parts inventory itself is vast, with enough sheetmetal here to rival a modern car assembly line on full tilt. The online reports don’t give any details of any specific muscle cars per se apart from what Dennis has put together in his own collection, but you can bet that there are at least a few gems and plenty of parts within the whole mix from every classic decade.

When you talk about scrap yards like this one, the words ‘treasure trove,’ and ‘gems’ comes to mind because it’s the nearest modern equivalent you can get to treasure hunting on this scale and really finding those rare parts that you can’t get anywhere else.

The yard doesn’t have a website or advertise, but the whole inventory needs to be basically cleared by June, which means if you have the means, grab a trailer, some friends and get down there as this classic yard won’t be around for much longer.

Find out more here – contact Dennis, Grantsville, 435-830-0069, 410 South Centre Street.
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