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When We Used To Junk Muscle Cars

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By Mark Weisseg

The picture of the Muscle Cars piled up was once a regular site. We bought the cars, we drove them, and when they were old and shot we junked them. Of course now we know we junked many cars we should have held on to. Oh well, hard lesson to learn but we learned.

You cannot turn back the clock so we all need to deal with our stupidity. We just did not know. But, remember the cars were old and very used up by the time we hauled them to the bone yard.

I can remember flat bedding these cars when they were leaking oil like the Valdez, the rust holes were bigger than my already big head, and parts were swaying in the wind. The old rattle trap cars were all used up and served no use at all for anyone anymore. But, if there was a pile of old phones tossed aside like a bad salad they may reach the moon.

Perfectly good working phones tossed aside because the current new wave of phones have some gadget that makes all older phones a piece of crap. The kids or youngsters today hold onto there phones as if it is a life source and maybe it is. The worst form of punishment today is removing the phone from said child for a day or so. The world comes to an end for them.

In my day it was being banished to your room as your friends played outside. Outside as in not in the house. Today, remove a phone and a child considers ending there life. Watch them. They clutch the phone as if it provides life saving oxygen. And I used to be sad and strip the junky cars to the bone looking for an extra part to save for future use. Today, cars do not have that meaning. The cell phone and computers do and they are built to last a year or two.

Thus, if you look after your car it can last years, even decades so don’t be in a rush to upgrade just because it’s the latest fashion.

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