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From a classic muscle car perspective, it seems that the consensus is original wheels are the best, but once you go down the road of rest0mods, customs and the like, new wheels become a priority.
However, like anything on a car, it can be down to personal taste, cost or just simply what you want from a car. When this applies to the wheels, there are so many to choose from, so which one’s do you choose?

Here we have a list of 6 aftermarket wheels you could possibly choose from.

1. OZ Racing
Affordable, durable and very cool looking wheels which are a great starting point for any car modifications. They also have a cool wheel configurator.

A popular forged wheel used by many auto manufacturers as options. Worth a look.

3. Enkei RPF1
Plain and straightforward sometimes wins the day. Light and strong, a good option for a no-frills wheel.

4. Work Emotion 11R
Work have many wheel options to choose from, so you really are spoilt for choice.
One-piece low pressure cast aluminum wheel with a wide range of sizes and offset.

5. Enkei 92
15×8 Enkei ENKEI92 (Silver w/ Machined Lip) Wheels/Rims 4×100 (465-580-4925SP)
Good value and very dependable, these wheels you can pick up from more or less anywhere.

5. Volk Racing – TE37
A standard design with the Rays Die-Forged process, means a long-lasting wheel and cool looks.

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