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Tis The Season For Muscle Cars!

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By Mark Weisseg

For those of us who live with the snow and ice this time of year I have a message for you. For those of you in the warm climate please pay attention as what I have to say might apply to you.

Recently my sister texted me and told me that our mother would like to take a ride in my 49 Chevy truck. Hmm, I thought. I took her for a ride once in my Corvette and she held onto the seat belt for dear life. Once, we went in the Mustang and she held onto the seat like it was a life jacket. Now, she wants a ride in my old truck? She wised up as the old truck is a six cylinder with four on the floor. I will give Mom credit as she figured out I cannot scare the day lights out of her in this old rig.

So, about two weeks later I went and picked up Mom. Yes, my sister was there as she wanted to record this event so we could all laugh later. You see, Mom is 93 years old. She’s in darn good shape and always encouraged us as youngsters to be in the transportation business. Enough about that until a later column.

Mom got some help getting in the cab and off we went. Slow, and steady and we rattled and squeaked our way around the neighborhood. She loved the old truck, and she loved me for loving classic cars and trucks. I brought her back in one piece and we helped her out to the safe ground of the driveway. We all laughed and put the moment in our memory banks for a future family event.

So, what’s my point? This is the season of family and friends. I challenge you to take stock of your good fortunes as those of us that are in this hobby are fortunate. Next spring for the snow birds or right now for the warm weather group can be more than special. I challenge you to take a youngster, an elderly person, or may be a challenged person for a ride in your classic. Don’t brag or do a fifty foot long burn out, just take someone for a ride and show them you care. Our hobby gets a bad name at times because some have open pipes, or do burn outs in the neighborhood, or leave car parts all over the front yard. Take a moment to share your pride and joy with someone who will cherish the kindness.

My question now is, ” will Mom ask me to take her out in the Roadrunner now”?

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