The World’s First 8 Second 6th Gen. Camaro ZL1

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The 6th generation Camaro ZL1 is continuing to prove why it is the best production Camaro as yet. It’s not just in the power levels of having 650 horses under the hood, with owners easily hitting 11 seconds in the quarter-mile without modifications. Now, we have evidence of one getting into the 8’s with ease, as shown in the video.

The run was performed by Michael Talley in his 2018 Camaro ZL1 at Memphis International Raceway hitting a time of 8.992 and a 5.674 eighth mile at 127.23 miles per hour. What’s even more remarkable is the transmission decided to pack up at 1,100-foot before crossing the line, but the ZL1 still managed 116mph in the 8s. Me thinks an even faster time is on the cards in the near future.

Michael already set a record earlier in the year for the quickest stock-blower quarter mile in 9.57 seconds, with a few upgrades added this time around for this latest quickest time. Most of the upgraded have been under the hood with an Edelbrock 2650 supercharger and 3.0 upper pulley, 9.55 lower pulley, Kooks two-inch headers, a set of GPI cylinder heads, a GPI camshaft, a full Corsa exhaust system, a methanol injection system, Roto Fab Big Gulp intake and a C16 tune by Gwatney Performance. 15-inch rear brakes were added by Carlyle Racing, 28-inch drag radials on the rear and 18 Alumistars skinnies up front.

The video doesn’t really give justice to the power behind this run, being only 13 seconds long, but it’s high-quality enough to prove why the 6th generation ZL1 is such a mighty vehicle and this run is so significant.


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