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By Mark Weisseg

I was driving along the other day and spotted something about a mile up that got me to go faster than I should. Yes, I admit to exceeding the speed limit but I know I just saw it. I can’t find my keys when they are right in front of me or anything I like in the fridge,but this as you all know I can see a mile away.

What did I see? I saw a Ram 3500 with a super strong Cummins Diesel pulling an open car trailer. On that trailer was a very clean 69 Pontiac GTO and a 73 Beautiful Corvette. I tried at the red light to snap a photo with my cell phone but I just was not quick enough. These cell phones have too many gadgets and I just could not get passed the flashlight function or the compass function to get to the camera function.

With that said I gawked at these two beauties and thought how somebody somewhere is going to have a great weekend when this delivery arrives. I also admit I wish this driver was heading to my house. Not that I have anymore room( I don’t) but if it were up to me and my bank account I would make Jay Leno’s collection look like a hot wheels collection in a box. I like nearly them all. I like many models and years. I never could understand anyone who collected only Firebirds and nothing else. If it isn’t a Firebird it should be crushed for new soft drink cans.

Not me. I will gladly collect a Buick GNX, and park it next to a Ford Fairlane 500 with a 390 under the hood. It’s just me. I like them all. Some better than others of course but I have no disdain for anyone who does not like and collect what I do. If we all had Dodge DeSoto’s with the RedRam engine under the hood the hobby would be boring. So boring I don’t think we’d get together and show our wares.

So right now I am a little pouty because I want those two under my garage roof. And when I see another cool car tomorrow I will wish the same about them too. It does not end I guess and I must remember my Mothers words about ” you cannot have everything”. I know, but I want too.

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