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The Way Hot Rodding Used To Be.

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By Mark Weisseg

Old school Hot Rodding at its best. This is how it all began 60 plus years ago. Nothing fancy, nothing special, nothing expensive, just hard work.

I love this car and everything it represents. The car does not look all that special, it’s not as fast as the cars produced today, but who cares?

When I go to car shows in my old 49 Chevy truck that is full of patina and not much else I get a lot of positive feedback. I had a friend ask me NOT to park next to him once as he was trying to show off his nice Mustang and nobody bothered to look at it as they were looking at my old truck.

When I hit a car show I look at everything except the rice rocket cars. I have zero interest in these toys but I will look at the best of the best or the not so good in vehicles like this. This build looks like he was gathering parts for a while and then finally decided it was ‘go’ time. Clearly it took some work and effort but I will bet when he blasts down the street he gets plenty of deserved attention.

I had thought of this same type of plan not too long ago. Seeing how popular the old truck was, I thought it could be repeated.
I lined up another Model A that I found outside of Cleveland and made mental notes how the build would go. But, if you have followed any of my past writings you know I have another model A right now under the tent being restored. That one is going back to being like day one with some exceptions, except the wiring is a complete and utter disaster.

I hope the guy that built this cool old hot rod did not cut any corners when it came to important items like braking, steering, wiring, and safety glass. Old school cool is one thing, old dumb school is another. From this one and only picture I get the impression this guy did this at his house. I mean in the garage, on the lawn, wherever the space was. He certainly had a little help here and there but that is what this hobby is about. Sharing your love for the classic fast cars and involving fiends and neighbors gets buy ins. Especially neighbors when you fire that mother up at 8am on a Sunday morning to check your timing.

But, I hope I see more of these types of projects as they really get me excited that everything is not all chrome and electronics today. Old School Cool lives!

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