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The Last Production Dodge Challenger Demon Conundrum

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dodge demon

By Dave Ashton

Apparently, the last production Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is now for sale in Australia – white and with a VIN number ending 3300. The problem is the official last production Dodge Demon was sold at Barrett-Jackson last year with the color Viper Red and a VIN ending 3314.

At the time of writing, the car is still for sale on for $450,000 Australian dollars. The car comes with the Demon crate, VIN number and official plaque stating the car as number 3300 of 3300.

May 2018 when the last production Dodge Demon left the assembly line from Brampton, Ontario, the car was clearly black in color. Then in June the car was sold with the last production Dodge Viper for a million dollars and both were painted Viper red. The ever diligent guys over at contacted Dodge for information on this matter and received the following reply, ‘The final Demon shown on the Brampton assembly line (black exterior at that time) was then hand-painted to match the Viper Red (paint code LRN) for the Barrett-Jackson “The Ultimate Last Chance Auction” Northeast Auction last June.’

dodge demon

So that solves the black to red color conversion, but would the Demon really then be painted white and sent to Australia for sale? The correspondence with Dodge as above doesn’t clarify the VIN number of the white Dodge ending in 3300, but does state it is a different VIN number to the Demon sold at Barrett-Jackson, thus it is not the last production Dodge Demon. ‘The VIN for this vehicle (2C3CDZH97JH103314) was published on Barrett-Jackson’s website at the time of auction: 2018-DODGE-CHALLENGER-SRT-DEMON, so this vehicle in Australia is not the final production car built.’

dodge demon

The official line is thus, the white Dodge Demon currently being sold in Australia isn’t the last production Dodge Challenger Demon, but somehow it’s claimed the 3300 serial number. Officially, there were only 3300 Dodge Demon’s built, so it should stand to sense that the last one built is numbered 3300?? Without an official explanation from Dodge, the reason why the white Challenger has the number 3300 is now down to speculation.

Was the Dodge numbering system simply messed up and two vehicles accidentally got the 3300 of 3300 moniker? Did the final production number of 3300 not include preproduction vehicles? The final official VIN number of 2C3CDZH97JH103314 as per the Barrett Jackson listing could imply there are 14 other Dodge Demons built which we don’t know about. Numbering of vehicles doesn’t always follow a consecutive sequence, as what’s happened many times in the past, but you would kind of expect these days even for simplicity’s sake, consecutively sequencing the numbers of cars.

dodge demon

The white Demon, which has a VIN number of – 2C3CDZH97JH103300 doesn’t seem to have any shenanigans going on with VIN number fixing and is numbered 3300, but it’s not the last Dodge Demon to roll off the production line. Some back history on this white Demon would clarify things. It’s likely that more information will come out on this matter, so stay tuned….

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