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By Dave Ashton

If you want a one-stop shop to see every variety of rare muscle car in existence, the closest you can possibly get is the Mark Pieloch American Muscle Car Museum, 3500 Sarno Road, Melbourne, Florida 32934. There are over 250 vehicles amongst other collectables all brought together by Mark Pieloch who made his mark in the veterinary pharmaceuticals arena. The whole collection is reported to be worth over $32 million and growing every year.

All the vehicles are housed in a 123,000 square-foot, open plan warehouse with 90,000 sqft dedicated to the vehicle displays, the rest being showrooms, maintenance and restoration areas. The collection includes over 24 Yenko Camaros one for every make and model produced, 42 Indy 500 pace cars, more than 30 Shelby’s, Ford GT 40s and plenty of Mustangs amongst others.

GM vehicles are here in numbers spanning the whole vintage muscle car range from Buicks to Oldsmobile, with many rarities like a Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet. There are also many rare Mopars covering everything that can house a 426 Hemi or a 440 6-Pak, like Charger Daytonas up to a recent Challenger SRT Demon. Basically, if you can think of a rare muscle car, it’s probably under this roof. It’s probably easier to list what isn’t there.

Checking out their website you will be literally drooling over the amount of rare muscle cars, many with a breakdown of their specs. with images and some videos. There is an on-site restoration crew who specialise in finding the best examples of the breed to restore for the collection.

There’s plenty of other non-muscle car vehicles here, along with other collectables adorning the walls and other areas, but the catch is that it’s not completely open to the public. The collection operates on an appointment and invitation basis. Instead the facility operates for nonprofit fundraisers and mostly educational purposes, but checking out their website they do have an events calendar throughout the year if you’re lucky enough to be invited. If you’re in any way a muscle car fan, this should surely be on your bucket list.


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