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The Important Rumbling Sound Of A True Muscle Car.

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By Mark Weisseg

Some pathetic little car just drove by my home. It was one of those mid sized foreign cars that claims to get great fuel economy, long life, and so on. To me and my old ears they sound awful.
I don’t want every vehicle to go by with Cherry Bombs, Flowmasters or Thrush mufflers but these crappy tin cans are so cheap. My Roadrunner has stock mufflers and it just has a nice low rumble. Pure rumble.

But today’s cars or least today’s average car, sound so cheap and pathetic.
Now, if you buy some premium car, the exhaust still has a great sound to it. But today overall, the cars are safer, last longer, and perform better but they sound so much more cheap. A bit like the difference of listening to a very cheap radio and a great sounding hi-fi system.
When I start my Dodge truck with the hemi you understand something big is under that hood. Now I hear that electric cars have a problem in that other drivers cannot hear them coming so, they have taped exhaust noise or other workarounds, so other drivers can hear you.

It will always be the higher end engines and exhaust systems that sound the best, but we don’t want this great symphony to go away completely.
The tone of an American V8 engine is unique and with all the talk of fossil fuels slowly running out, electric and autonomous cars, these will fulfill a need, but the instant gratification and thrill you get from the sound of a healthy V8 engine can’t really be replicated with these new technologies.

So, if in 50 or 100 years, we are all travelling around in electric vehicles, they still won’t sound as good as a muscle car’s V8 engine, nowhere near.

As long as we has some sort of juice to put in our muscle cars, may they long continue.

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