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Muscle Cars: Finding Their True Worth.

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By Mark Weisseg

I wanted to remind you that every time you see an advertisement for a car that says rare or garage kept, never seen snow, or rain and has a history, everything has a history, you just don’t know what the history is in most cases.

Here is a fine example of a beautiful Plymouth Superbird and if you look very closely at the car especially above the word Plymouth, you can see there’s some history. Also look where the car is sitting – it’s on grass and a little bit of mud.
Roll on a few decades and the same car for sale today can have a back history like an oversized novel, getting the full story, though, is another thing.

These cars have become crazy expensive, even ones with a 440 engine can be $150,000-$200,000 in good shape. The other range in which we know about which is a 426 engine that can be $200,000 and can be as high as over 1 million or a couple million dollars.

Chevelles, Camaros, Challengers, anything that’s considered fast or a classic car today I want you to be on high alert and I want you to be happy. The last thing I’d like to see happen is you spend your very hard earned money and find out the hard way that the car is not what you thought it is or believed it was.

Do your homework, ask professionals for advice, take someone with you, someone who’s going to be levelheaded in case you get too excited or too rambunctious.
We have more information than ever before on the potential worth of a car, with online estimators, Marti reports, Hagerty, etc., but nothing beats doing your own research to gain peace of mind.
With that thought in mind, I hope you are searching high and low for your dream car and you get it.

History is history and sometimes we don’t know the full story behind the story and you end up taking the word of someone that you really don’t know so please be careful out there.

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