The Importance Of Car Games For Muscle Car Culture

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I’m not a gamer and I don’t think I ever will be, but there is no denying that some of these car games have introduced the next generation to classic muscle cars and all the beautiful things that go along with them.

I have a friend who is virtually welded to his PC screen, gaming in all his spare time. He’s not a car guy, but he can name some American muscle cars and their respective horsepower ratings, just from playing endless hours of car games. In other words, that subliminal information is sticking in there.
This means for those who even have a slight interest in classic muscle cars will probably get the same overview information as a few generations before with Top Trumps as an introduction to the muscle car world. basic facts and figures and an overview of each car.
One thing leads to another.

This isn’t a debate about the pros and cons of gaming, their positive and negative effects, but these car games will at the least make people aware of the rich heritage of muscle cars and the mantle they hold in the automotive world.

Whatever your take is on the gaming world, there is no doubt they are slipping in on the side some muscle car history with all the facts and figures that go along with each car.

Bring on the car games… long as they have some classic muscle cars.


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