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The Ford Galaxie: A Big, Old Classic.

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By Mark Weisseg

The Ford Galaxie is a big old car built by Ford between 1959 and 1974.

By the looks of this car, the owner made a winner out of a great car. This car has a 390 V8 and an automatic. Yes, big fenders, hood, trunk and more, but that was the early 60’s.

I have some experience with this car as my eldest brother had one. In the cold winters of Chicago, he paid me twenty five cents every time I went out in the freezing weather and warmed up his car that sat in the street. The dash had a little light on it so when you first started it up, it stayed on until the engine was warm. So, being very young and wanting to do anything with cars, I begged for the honor to do this.
He gladly paid the little rug rat the coin so he could walk out of the house and get in a warmed up car. This was in the days of true penny candy so I thought I was a smart businessman at the time no matter how cold it was outside.

Today, this is a car that we all know will ride like a cloud, have the power to get you merged in the proper lane, and be fun. Not a first choice car for restorers but still a solid car to build and enjoy.

It’s a big car and a car that will do well at a car show filled with Mustangs, Corvettes,and Camaros. It holds its own and is a time piece we all can agree is a cool car. The two door is the way to go, so if you see one to rebuild do not be shy. Parts are easy to come by, but be aware you need space to accomplish your task.

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