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The Buick GNX

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By Mark Weisseg

If you recall the 1980’s were not kind to the car industry. The 84 Corvette was a new design and full of promises. The real story is that the car was under powered and did nothing to excite. Few cars of that decade really lit a fire under our feet.

But like everything else there are exceptions and the Buick GNX was just that. In 1986 the Grand National had a 3.8 V6 engine with a turbo charger under the hood. The car was jet black and believe it or not it was the fastest American production car that year. It was an immediate hit. So, how did GM top this winner? They came out with this one. A Buick GNX. Yes, even more power and a true classic to this very day.

A friend of mine back in the day owned a Grand National and the car was worthy of the drool factor even back then. We all knew it was going to be a classic some day and sure enough when you see a Grand National or its big brother the GNX you instantly get goose bumps. I should have bought that car from him when he sold it after two years but little children, a mortgage, and life would not allow it at the time. Today, I would snatch one of these up in a flash. In an earlier article I wrote about a guy I know that has three of these sitting in his storage building. Of course I asked if he would sell one to me and he politely rejected my request. I would too if I owned one of these special cars.

But now that brings me to the age old question we all wrestle with. What is the future classic we should buy now and put away for our future retirement fund? Is it the new 2016 Mustang GT350R or a Hellcat? Maybe it is hybrid of some sort or maybe a Volt. We can rest assured it will not be a Malibu or a Dodge Dart. Whatever it is I hope we never lose sight of cars like the Buick Grand National. You see, back in the day the Buick and now defunct Oldsmobile were geared toward the Grandfathers of the United States. At some point Buick decided it needed to appeal to people who were not looking forward to the nursing home and this was the car that really changed some perceptions.

If you get a chance to buy one of these please do. The next time you are at a classic car show stop and take a good look at this car. It really was and is a cool classic car that the styling has held up all these years later.

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