The Best Stunt You Will Ever See!

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This video is not about muscle cars, but when you see a stunt as incredible and death-defying as this one, it has to be spread around.

This stunt was performed by Robbie Maddison on New Year’s Eve, jumping The Arc de Triomphe at the Paris, Las Vegas.
It’s impressive enough to see the guy do the first jump and you think that’s enough, but check out how he completes the stunt.

What’s just as impressive, is the element possessed by all these Red Bull guys, they just make these stunts look effortless.

I also am personally amazed that the guy could even perform the stunt in the first place, as the size of the ‘cojones’ needed to perform such a stunt must be so big, you couldn’t even get off the ground, but he still perfected the stunt, amazing!

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