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The Best Safety Upgrades For Your Muscle Car

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Muscle cars are aesthetically beautiful. For collectors and car enthusiasts, there is nothing more exciting than owning a classic ‘60s or ‘70s vehicle that has surpassed the challenges of time. But muscle cars are not just ornaments to decorate your garage with, as they can be upgraded with plenty of modern features to keep them up to date on speed, maneuverability, and comfort. Whether it is a 1981 Chevrolet Camaro or a 1960 Plymouth XNR, you can relish the experience of driving a sleek vehicle that takes you a couple of decades back in time.

When you purchase a vintage muscle car, you may have a plethora of things to tweak to get it up and running, and compliant to road safety rules. Part of the fixing you should do involves updating its safety features. Classic cars are comparatively less safe than their contemporary counterparts, and with roads that see thousands of accidents each year, it pays to stay up to date. The nuances of car accident law favor cars equipped with proper safety measures during an accident, after all. Here are some of the best safety upgrades for your timeless muscle car.

Lap-Shoulder Seat Belts

It may sound bizarre, but lap-shoulder seat belts were not standard in cars back in the ‘60s. Instead, they had the first models of shoulder seat belts, which were only available to front seats. As a result, they provide no safety back-up whatsoever to passengers. It is vital that you have modern seat belts installed, as they are a primary safety feature in contemporary cars and have undoubtedly saved countless lives. In 2017, almost 15,000 lives were not lost thanks to seat belts, and 47% of the passenger vehicle occupants killed during the year were found not to have been wearing seat belts.

If you intend to use your vintage car as a racer, then it is crucial to install high-end belts in the specific attachment points required by the law. Consider having them added by professionals, as industry experts are likely to know precisely how seat belts should be installed in particular cars and for specific purposes. By adding seat belts in, you will surely not go flying during a crash or other unfortunate circumstances.

Modern Brakes System

The modern brake system is quite complex — you have the power to stay in control of the steering wheel despite slamming on the brakes, and can divide the brake system into two wheels at a time. These features allow you to control your vehicle despite a panic brake or when half of the system becomes faulty. It is pertinent to install antilock and dual cylinder brakes by swapping out old drum brakes with disc-type ones using a replacement kit. Depending on the type of muscle car you own, there may be a unique installation method or a particular type of brake system that would work best.

Back-Up Cameras

You may not be a fan of back-up cameras, which have just entered the car scene in recent years, but they have undoubtedly saved plenty of lives since they became a standard feature in vehicles. Side mirrors can give you a narrow view at best, and it is impossible to see the complete picture behind you. By knowing whether a car is irregularly speeding at your trail or if the coast is clear before you back up, you may save multiple lives, including your own. So before you discount this safety feature, think about how it can benefit you in the long run.

Car accidents due to speeding, drunk driving, and the like are not uncommon, but you can reduce the annual numbers by being a responsible driver. Equip your vintage cars with the appropriate safety features and drive away with little worry. If anything goes wrong, contact a lawyer that specializes in car accidents. Make sure your vintage muscle car is road-worthy and safe as can be before you take it out on the open road.


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