The Best Engines – 2018 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8

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By Dave Ashton

Saying which is the best pony or muscle car engine can be a subjective matter if not backed up with a few facts and figures. It doesn’t help with the big three rivalry to get to the pros and cons of each engine as we all have our preferences, so it’s down to the likes of guys at Engineering Explained to give some reasoning behind current engines and what is their good and bad points.

This video is the start of a series reviewing engines that have won awards, focusing on those from the Wards Auto 10 Best engines of 2018 Awards. As everything has been thrown into the mix for these awards from all carmakers, it’s only the 2018 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L V8 that gets a look in from the pony/muscle car camp. We obviously would have liked to have seen more in the top 10, but considering every car manufacturer out there, getting one V8 engine in the top 10 is still pretty good.

The Ford Coyote 5.0L V8 engine is the focus here, which also got into the top 10 in 2011 and 2012. Producing 460Hp and 420lb. ft. of torque, you get a real in-depth review here with lots of stats. Ford fan or not, the video itself makes for very interesting viewing the made in the future even cover some of the other top V8’s to hit the streets.

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