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The Amazing Chevelle I Should Own

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By  Mark Weisseg

I cannot say I am fully in on the resto mod stuff yet but I am coming around. See, I love original cars because the phrase they are only original once rings true for me. I get it folks. Better brakes, better steering, more creature comforts and a safer car. I understand that but we can enjoy both and still love each other I hope. Then, I saw this Chevelle.

I see these cars everywhere. Every car show, every auction, every every thing. Why, for one they have timeless body lines. Just like everybody who has eyes knows the 57 Chevy might be the all time classic winner, the Chevelle has that same appeal. The car had so many choices when it came to engines, interiors, transmissions and so on it became a power house. It could be a drive around, go get the milk car, it could be a small family car, or of course it could be your way to jail for drag racing. Imagine a 454 or a 396 in this light weight car. My gosh.

The Chevelle is timeless. I never tire of seeing them no matter where I am. The owner has unlimited power to make decisions on this car. The photo here shows me the owner is in deep love. He made subtle changes that made this car even more special. He upgraded the necessary items to make it safe and show ready. I like that. I get turned off when I see a big blower sticking out or some wild styling that takes away from what the car is. GM sold gazillions of these cars and yes they rusted like any other car. But, these cars have been and will continue to be worth every penny you spend to make it right. As we say find them, restore them, drive them, and never sell them. This car is a very special car by any standards and I hope the younger generation latches on to this beauty we all know and adore.

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